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Frequently Asked Questions

Our berries are $18/gallon U-Pick, and $25/gallon prepicked.

Our picking season begins between June 5-10 and usually lasts until mid-August. Of course, weather may lengthen or shorten the season slightly.

We provide U-pick customers with 1 gallon buckets, as well as a belt to help hold it. That way they can pick (or snack) with both hands!

The blueberries from Smith Blueberry Farm are grown 100% pesticide free! That means that they have NEVER been sprayed with any poison. The only thing that has ever been on our berries is rain. You do not ever have to wash them!

We plan our picking schedule and crew with accordance to each day’s orders. For this reason, all of the blueberries that we picked are sold within 12 hours of leaving the orchard. They are always perfectly ripe when they are picked!

Our berries are available at several roadside markets and health-food stores in the midlands. 
Randall’s Produce in Batesburg, SC
Buddy Taylor’s Family Produce Market in Leesville, SC
14 Carrot Whole Foods in Lexington, SC
Rosewood Market in Columbia, SC

Here at Smith Blueberry Farm, we have found that healthy bushes have strong resistance to disease and pests. We test soil samples of each row regularly in conjunction with Clemson University in order to determine what each variety needs throughout the season. We use specially blended organic fertilizers, particularly formulated to produce the sweetest berries possible.

Blueberries have very few natural pests. The occasional Japanese beetle or wandering deer are the only things that we notice among the orchard.  No insecticides are ever sprayed on our berries!

The midday summer sun in South Carolina is HOT. Plan to visit our orchard in the morning (7 – 11am) or evening (5 – 8pm). Dress lightly and bring lots of water!

It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to pick a gallon of blueberries. 

“We provide a safe, friendly, and joyful environment for our guests to enjoy the bounty of nature.”
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